Basic Principles of Creating Video Company Profile

One of the company’s communication media is company profile, both printed company profile and video company profile. Printed Company Profile is usually given to customers, customers, business partners, or to the business prospects to be achieved. Company profile video is usually presented or displayed on the company website, ceremonial event, product launching, due diligence to an investor or potential investor, in the exhibition, at lobby hall lobby, or branch office. You can visit the website from itv video production to create a video profile. Anything to consider when creating a company profile video?

– Basic concepts

As the official media of corporate communications, the company profile video must be well designed to communicate messages effectively to the intended audience. Concept planning must be well-crafted. The first thing to think about is what image would the company want to build through the company profile video? Then is the key message what would be conveyed to build the image? From these basic questions can be known the answer and then can be breakdown into basic concepts even to the shooting script.

– Content

Many have perceived that the company profile video is a printed company profile that is videoed. This is the easiest way to create a script from a company profile video. Many companies do this too. Although many companies also make video company profile with different patterns, only discussed the vision and mission or even the company’s view of an issue related to the sustainability of the company and the role of the company in the eyes of the community. The first approach can be called using historical and present approaches, while the second approach can be called using a forward-looking approach. Which one is better? In accordance with the basic concept to be conveyed by the company.