Breast surgery: Consider saline instead of silicone

When you’re planning to get a breast augmentation surgery, you might want to choose the type of implant that suits you well. As you know, the common type of breast implant for this surgery is the silicone. It looks very realistic almost like a real natural breast. Unfortunately, if you wish for the higher level of safety after the surgery, then choosing another type of implant can be a good idea. You might also want to check out the best Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Stephen M. Miller MD, PC, FACS to get the finest implants for your breast.

We recommend you to choose the saline implant instead of silicone if you prefer more durability and safety after the surgery. Even though saline does not look as realistic as the silicone, it’s famous for its high level of durability and safety. The risk of the implant for being popped up in your body will be a lot smaller when you choose this type of implant. You might want to consult with your surgeon first so you can be sure whether to choose saline or silicone.