A Hack to Get More StarCoins in MovieStarPlanet

StarCoins is the currency in the MovieStarPlanet that lets you buy new items for your movies so that you will get more StarCoins. It is probably inviting to buy StarCoins as a VIP member, yet you may get many coins without paying with your actual money as long as you know a moviestarplanet hack.

One of the hacks to earn more money without spending a lot is through your daily bonus. you can log in at least once a day. Then, you can turn the bonus wheel first every time you log in every day even though you are not planning to be playing for a long time. You can even try to log in at least for one minute only for you to be able to turn the wheel.

Then, you need to click the silver wheel in order to turn it. If you are a free player, you can spin this wheel one time each day. If you are a VIP member, you may turn a gold wheel to earn more coins. You may also turn the wheel more than once per day.