About Prison Break Season 5

Do you want to watch animes online? Visit our website now. In the premiere episode of Season 5 is told after seven years of events in season 4 or in accordance with real-world timelines. T-Bag the sadistic psychopath was already out of Fox River prison and working as an agent, somehow free can not yet be explained clearly in this premiere episode. Then he received a letter containing a photograph of Michael Scofield who was alive and imprisoned. T-Bag meets Lincoln Burrows whose life is in debt, Lincoln certainly does not believe in the information provided by T-Bag that his sister is still alive. Lincoln expelled T-Bag but continued to investigate the letter and told Sara that her husband was reportedly alive. Sara has married again to a man named Jacob and his son from Scofield named Mike Scofield was seven years old. Sara immediately did not believe what Lincoln told us. However Lincoln continues to investigate everything that gives him a clue that Scofield is in prison in the country of Yemen. Danger and terror again threaten the lives of Lincoln and Sara and his family from the mysterious men suspected to be behind the conspiracy of the imprisonment of Scofield. Convinced that his sister was still alive and some clues showed Scofield was in Yemen, Lincoln decided to stick to the conflict-ridden country. Lincoln met his C – Note “Foxe” fellow friend who is now living a new life as a devout Muslim. Feeling stirred and he knows everything about the Middle East, C-Note is willing to come and help Lincoln to Yemen. Fernando Sucre, his best friend Scofield wanted to go with Lincoln but was rejected for being too dangerous.

In essence, season 5 will focus on Lincoln’s efforts to find out who the mastermind behind all this and free Scofield from prison anyway. Apparently, the scriptwriters have not run out of ideas to present a story that is smart and strong and makes the audience curious. Conspiracy, an impossible crazy effort, and a tension-drenched drama still exist as a characteristic of Prison Break. This fifth season promises a more exciting and thrilling story because in the first episode we have been shown how this story will be directed. After all, episodes go live. I will review it completely. The conclusion is the decision to continue the story after its 4th season is a step that is not in vain although reviving Scofield is practically somewhat forced.