QuickBooks: Definition and Functions

As time goes by, Intuit currently employs over 7000 more employees and has representative offices spread across America, Canada, Britain, and India. Until now Intuit has created and developed some very reliable software. One of the software is QuickBooks. QuickBooks has been used by thousands of companies worldwide so the reliability of the software is no doubt. This particular software has also been developed very advanced until now that there is a QuickBooks Phone Number that you can contact easily to help you when you have problems with the software.

As accounting software, there are some of the major financial management solutions that can be done with Quickbooks accounting software and they are as follows:

1. Bookkeeping work becomes easier and fun, because the way to use Quickbooks is relatively easy, and can be mastered in a relatively short time by ordinary staff, even though it does not have an educational background in accounting.
2. The report will appear automatically, shortly after the transaction data is inputted thus the report is always up to date.
3. All related parts of your business can work together and generate a full report at the same time that it has the feature for multi users.
4. The number of digits of transactions and reports can be more than 12 digits.
5. All transactions use a foreign currency that it is easy to book (multi-currency).
6. It also provides other transaction field facilities such as Multi Department, Branches, projects, Sales, and so on.
7. It does not just work Accounting software but also functions as Business Management software.
8. Directors and managers of a company that uses this software can monitor the running of the company from time to time by viewing reports from their respective computers so as to make strategic policies in a short period of time.