Thomas Joseph Macon

Born in the year 1839, Tom Macon as he is better known was a famous author of his era with some of his better known work being the Life Gleanings. He was born to MR and Mrs. Miles Cary, in the countryside of Fairfield in the county of Hanover in Virginia. He was one of the Cary’s ten children. His parents were highly respectable not mention that they were well of owning most of what their grandfather had accumulated over the years.

Adorned with an intense gift for writing, his most notable work the life gleaning is based on facts about the happenings in both his and that of his parents. Born in the middle of the mayhem when the United States government was still under construction and there was debate over the type of governance that the country would follow. As such, his book gives an insight view on the situations and events that took place. Even though he died later on in the year 1917 at the age of 78, his works still live on as a testimony of both his life and also his talent.